I’ve got a sick sweet pea at home.  Owen woke with a fever in the middle of the night after whimpering and tossing and turning for awhile. He said his head hurt and he was oh-so-sad.  Ernie got him some tylenol and Owen asked me to get in his bed with him.  So I did and of course slept horribly.  He’s home from school today and that’s fine…he needs a break.  After the New Year we need to meet with his teacher and try to figure out what’s going on.

Leo brought home some schoolwork from earlier in the year the other day and the one below was my favorite.  It’s the line "I never wanted to leave" that gets me.


My sweet peas.

I’m behind in posting Christmas Life pictures because I haven’t had a second….that is until I reach the point of not being able to do anything.  Shopping tonight—-hopefully we’ll get most of it done.  We even have to make our annual trek to the mall…….wish us luck……

continued on Thursday

Didn’t even find a chance to post this yesterday.  This is my last day of work until after the holiday and I’m looking forward to the break.  Feeling a bit queasy today and hoping I don’t have what Owen has….

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