1.  It snowed. Snow makes me so happy. And needless to say it makes the boys extraordinarily happy. Everytime Owen looked out the window this morning he would pretend to faint with joy, then stagger to his feet and say, "did I miss anything?"  Pretty much sums him up.  He seems amazed each time he sees snow out a different window as though he thought it would only snow on the south side of the house and not the north….. I love that boy.

2. Guess what?  We went out last night and had a good time.  I met people I liked.  Woo-hooooooo!

3. Kudos to Kathleen Jones for telling me that Dunkin Doughnuts had chocolate covered sprinkle doughnut ornaments.  Ernie trotted right over and got two and we gave them to the guys this morning.  They were thrilled, Owen clasping his with both hands and saying earnestly, "I don’t want this to EVER break."

4. My father turns 83 today, on Pearl Harbor Day….the "Day that shall live in Infamy."  Good daughter that I am I think we’re bringing pizza over.  Honestly though they like having pizza with us as they never have it themselves so I’m not going to feel TOO guilty over not cooking him a nice dinner.

5.  I also get to take my mother to the hematologist this afternoon….with her shoulder in pain…in the wheelchair….in the snow…. Yup…..really looking forward to that one….  That’s o.k. though, I’ll just look at my snow…..


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