1.  LIttle steps……I watch my father deteriorate in little steps just the same way I watch the boys grow in little steps.  I took him to church yesterday and it was a rough morning.  I’m not sure he knew who I was, didn’t know it was Sunday, asked me what year and day it was.  Thought he was supposed to drive the car, was wearing a v-neck sweater backwards.  He seemed to perk up in church though and afterwards while we had coffee and doughnuts in the parish hall he was cheerful.  He talked about how long his mother lived, told me he didn’t know what he’d do without me and then looked at me, smiled, and said, "don’t get tired of me." 


2.  Thanks to David we have been watching one episode of the Gilmore Girls after another.  As Ernie said, at this point we feel like we live in the Gilmore Girls world and could see them on the street at any moment.  Owen loves the theme song and so we sing it together everytime it comes on.  Leo and Ernie just roll their eyes but we don’t care.

3.  When the boys put their new sweaters they got for Christmas on I commented that Santa sure had good taste.  They looked at me appalled and said, "IT’S THE ELVES—IT’S THE ELVES THAT MAKE EVERYTHING."  I quickly agreed.  Yesterday Owen pulled on his new Spiderman gloves and while lovingly smoothing them, he said under his breath, "those elves sure have good taste."

4.  The firetruck and train sheets that Santa brought seem to be working.  Both boys actually slept in their very own beds last night.  Of course around 4:00 Owen got up to go to the bathroom (YAY) and then came and crawled in with us.  I asked how the firetruck sheets were and he grinned and said they were "GREAT."  I mentioned that I wished I had sheets like that so he helpfully suggested that I just needed to ask Santa……and then he paused and said "maybe Santa could bring you Gilmore GIrl sheets!"

5.  We’ve got the new Playstation set up.  I wasn’t sure about it but the boys…..and I mean all three of them…. love it.  Watching Owen drive I have heard Ernie cackle in a way I had never heard before.  Huh.  After all these years….. In fact, as Ernie pointed out, Owen drives the way he crawled.  I don’t know if I can properly explain this but when Owen crawled it looked like he had extra arms and legs twirling around—he crawled with great abandon shall we say.  Leo’s crawling was more efficient and determined.  Owen crawled with great joy.  I have already told him that judging on his driving skills on this he will never be allowed to drive a real car.  He just giggles.  So thank you Debbie—-your extravagant gift is much loved…..

6.  I don’t really want to give up Christmas yet.  Maybe it’s because I was sick for much of it but I’m not ready to let it go. We’ve got a tempting invite for this evening (New Year’s Eve) but I’m not sure we’re quite healthy enough for an evening outing.  I guess I’ll see how the day goes. This afternoon we’re all going over to my folks to celebrate Christmas with them. I cooked a pot roast in the slow cooker yesterday so I’ll finish up the gravy and vegetables for it today and bring it with us for them to have later.  I’m still trying to decide what to do tomorrow. I like the idea of having a New Year’s tradition but we haven’t quite landed on one. One year it was warm enough that we had a picnic at Meadowbrook Park, last year we had a brunch….this year I can’t decide.  I’d like to go to Allerton but given that it’s going to be so cold I don’t know if it’s the best thing for a guy getting over being sick. Anyone have any New Year’s Day family traditions they’d recommend?


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