1.  ENOUGH with the depressing posts already Cynthia!  geesh.

2.  I’m feeling much better today.  Did some cautious, one-eye-closed searching online about PSA blips and feel better about the whole thing.  Still don’t like it but am trying to be reasonable….

3.  Have I told you that Leo is the best whistler I have ever heard?  He has been VERY happy lately (Christmas tree, etc.) and constantly just whistles like a bird.  I mean really like a bird….he does little bird calls as well as a few Christmas tunes and the Sponge Bob theme.  It almost seems unlike Leo, doesn’t it?  You’d think it would be Owen that would whistle away but nope, it’s my Leo.  He’s trying to teach me as I can’t whistle to save my soul but it’s tough going.

4.  Owen on the other hand invents new languages and words.  His latest word is "noodleschnitz" which as he seriously explained to me, means "dang it."  Try it….it works well.  Oh noodleschnitz!

5.  Our Christmas trees are up and beautiful but I am shocked at how many ornaments we lost in the Great Ornament Smash of 2006.  I think a lot of ornaments looked o.k. when we packed them away but were actually cracked because we found tons of broken ones when we opened the boxes.  I think my parents are going to donate most of their ornaments though so we will be o.k. but there are a couple that are gone forever. sigh.

6.  Leo is really the one that gets SO excited about decorating for Christmas.  This year he put on most of the lights while I sat in a chair and directed!  It was fun to watch them unpack the boxes too—-"oh, remember this one Owen?" "OHHHHH, my TRAIN ornament" "look, look, remember that?" It sort of amazes me that they are old enough for Christmas memories of their own but of course they are….

I remember being SO excited when my dad would bring the big old lawnmower box full of Christmas decorations down from the attic.  It had this musty smell and the big old fashioned Christmas lights were on the  bottom of the box even though we didn’t use them anymore.  All the ornaments were in thin cream colored boxes that were starting to yellow with age.  One year my sister Debbie wrote Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on each one. I still have one or two of those boxes….

7. Tonight Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is on tv….don’t miss it……


2 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. OK, so this year you start a new tradition. You go to one of the best Christmas stores you can find and everybody gets to pick out one ornament for this year and you start to tell stories around it.
    And then, there’s always Tar-zhay.

  2. I love noodleschnitz! We may have to record Silas saying it and send the video back to Owen. We haven’t attempted youtube yet, but there is always a first for everything. I am glad you are feeling a little more upbeat.