Last night Ernie and I were out doing errands and so the guys had our favorite babysitter in the world, Hayley.  As I got out of the van when we got home Owen burst out of the house and ran up to me to explain that he needed a black thing. 

Me:    you want a what?

Owen:    one of those black suits guys get married in

Me:    you want a TUXEDO?

Owen:   yes, yes!

Me:    uh, well, sure we’ll get you a tuxedo sometime

Owen:    no, I need it TOMORROW…..for the CONCERT…..

Me:    oh honey, I can’t get you a tuxedo tonight—-the tuxedo stores are all closed

Owen slumps to the wet ground in misery.  Eventually I reassured him that I would find something that he would like great in.  Have I mentioned that he is VERY excited about his school holiday concert this afternoon? I managed to find a white button down shirt and one of the ties we’d borrowed for Halloween and not returned yet.  He was delighted and tried it on.  This morning he was SO proud.  When I mussed his hair a little he reprimanded me sternly saying, "MOMMY, I already brushed it.  Our teacher SAID to brush it."

Ernie said that when he dropped him off at school a little girl came up to Owen and excitedly said, "Owen, it’s the concert today" and Owen proudly replied, "Yes, I know…..I’m wearing a tie."

Documentation to follow…..

2 thoughts on “Tuxedos and Ties

  1. Like so many incidents you relate that I don’t comment on, this one made me chuckle and brightened my day. Thanks for sharing.