Whew…..can we say FULL?  As in a very FULL weekend.  Par for the course this time of year I suppose but it was a bit too much for the guys.  Owen had two major meltdowns on Saturday that were not typical for him and Leo had one yesterday evening.  Just too much to fit into one weekend.  That being said, it was all good which is why it all had to be done.  A wonderful party at our house Friday evening.  Of course about midafternoon Friday I was wondering what the hell I was thinking but it all came together once I jettisoned a thing or two from the menu and we realized that there were just a couple of rooms that weren’t getting cleaned.  Candlelight does wonders.  I also didn’t manage to invite everyone I planned to but once I realized how kid-heavy the make up was getting I sort of hesitated to invite too many people without kids. I think overall people had a pretty good time—-my favorite compliment was from someone I met recently that I really like—who said it was ‘exhilarating’…..

And who can’t love friends like Pat and Diane Daily and David Conroyd who are crazy enough to drive down from the Chicago area just for the evening.  AND who can’t love friends like David who brought me the ENTIRE SET OF THE GILMORE GIRLS ON DVD…..including the behind the scenes special AND the original never-aired pilot.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh……

Saturday was shopping for birthday presents because who is that organized then a birthday part for the guys and then a party in the evening.  All great except for Owen’s wonderful meltdown in the parking lot in front of other kids and friends….oh and one that morning.  Poor tired guy.  Oh well. 

Sunday I had a snowday as far as church with my Dad was concerned so waking up in the night on Saturday night to hear the snow blowing was pure bliss.  By that point the family was getting tired so that morning Ernie, Owen and I watched a bunch of Gilmore Girls while Leo played with trains—-checking on us every so often.  Then another birthday party for Leo and then we picked him up early and headed for Sophie’s Christmas pageant.  It was wonderful.  You know, I don’t ever remember anything like that at church growing up.  I went to Sunday School or CCD or whatever when I was little—-have I just blanked it out? hmmmm.  As I have no childhood memories of that kind of thing I sort of felt like I was inside the Charlie Brown Christmas special…not a bad thing by any means.  Sophie made a beautiful angel and Owen was consumed with checking out the differences between their church and ours.  When I commented that their pews were nicer because they had cushions he was HIGHLY offended and said he liked ours better.  God help me I think I’m raising a little Catholic—how did that happen?  He loved the program although he squirmed and chatted and asked questions the whole time…..which is how he is at church regularly.  It made me think about his struggles to ‘behave’ in kindergarten as I’m sure that’s how he is at school.  That’s how Owen takes things in and learns. I’ve got some concerns about Owen and school.  I think Owen most likely does have problems focusing—-that’s no surprise….but to keep a 5 year old inside for recess because of that seems counterproductive.  And on Friday he came home and said there had been a celebration with cookies and juice but he hadn’t gotten any because he hadn’t finished his writing or something like that……not so happy with that. I want the kid to LIKE school….and not feel marginalized at 5 years old…..

oh my….I’m rambling, aren’t I?  I haven’t posted anything about my parents because it’s been too horrible of late to even talk about.  Judi has a blood test today to see if she can continue chemo this week.  Cross your fingers as we just want to get her THROUGH this stuff and out the other side.  Speaking of that, I forgave Owen his tantrums when he came up to me Saturday and asked if he could call Aunt Judi to see how she was.  Gotta love that sweet pea.  Leo also called her on Sunday and chatted away on the phone to her (miracle, miracle).  The power of Aunt Judi…..

Enough rambling……