Judi called my folks yesterday and my mother was lying down so my father answered the phone:

Dad:    Hello?

Judi:  Hi Dad, it’s Judi

Dad:    who?

Judi:    Judi

Dad:    Debbie?

Judi:    no, Judi

Dad:    Cindy?

Judi (who often felt somewhat invisible as the middle child): No, it’s Judi, the second one

Dad:   oh, the second one.  When are you coming to visit?

Judi:  well, maybe not until next summer Dad

Dad:  where are you?

Judi:  I’m at Clemson University in South Carolina

Dad:  do you have a plan of study?

Judi:  well, no I’m teaching Dad

Dad:  well I’m going to hang up now because I’m not interested in higher education

and he hung up…. 

I see him so often and it’s usually in the regular framework of shopping and church or talking about the boys so sometimes I get fooled as to how bad the Alzheimer’s is. Ernie just rescheduled Dad’s appointment with the neurologist because we’d had to cancel it when I was out of town and we can’t get one until late March. 

Well, Judi and I did laugh about the whole thing.  You HAVE to laugh….