RIP Phil Seymour

(oh, and I think Ernie always had a soft spot for Susan Cowsill…..)

3 thoughts on “Does this song make you feel young or old?

  1. Young. Eternally young. Sort of like when I stumbled into a rerun of the last episode of That 70’s Show not long ago and Big Star’s “Thirteen” was playing in the background. It’s as if some songs can transport you back in time. The years just disappear and you are there again, if only for a moment.

  2. How funny, I went through a spate of searching YouTube for Cowsill-related stuff and found this video too. Seriously, who wouldn’t have a little thing for Susan Cowsill here?
    Hope you’re hanging in there — we’re thinking of you out here in California (or I should say, out here in Philly since I’m traveling). Wish we could get together at Fries and Peanuts for some catching up…