I did it—-I made an Adam Schmitt shirt for Owen’s birthday and I must say he was thrilled (Owen, not Adam).  He ripped open the wrapping paper and gasped "it’s ADAM SCHMITT" and looked up at us in delight.  Ahhhhh, life is good.

He looked very handsome going off to school wearing his Adam Schmitt shirt, with a missing tooth and cupcakes for the kindergarten class….. 

immediately after ironing the transfer onto the shirt:



off to kindergarten:


2 thoughts on “I Give You: The Adam Schmitt Shirt

  1. I don’t know if Adam knows that he has slightly obsessive five year old—-oops, SIX year old fan. Owen wants to meet him one day but he thinks he might be too shy to talk to him (Owen too shy to talk to Adam not Adam too shy to talk to Owen)……