!.  I’m feeling a bit better but the weekend was pretty much a bust.  Ah well. I HAVE to get healthy though as I’m going to South Carolina to see Judi later this week.  Gotta send Ernie to a head shop before I leave but anything to help her get through chemo….. Mostly I just need to get better so I can head down there on Thursday.  Luckily a couple of other friends will be
visiting Judi after I do (thanks Annie!) but I really need to see
her—it’s been too long and she really does better when someone else
is around….and I miss her…..

2.  Picked up the newest issue of Gourmet today and was delighted to see an article on Linton Hopkins, the chef at Atlanta’s Restaurant Eugene—the restaurant where Eileen and I had such a wonderful dinner. The whole issue is on Southern food—-lots of Scott Peackcock and Edna Lewis, etc.  I had wanted to try Scott Peacock’s restaurant that night be they were closed and I’m just as happy that we ended up where we did.  What fun….

3.  Made two batches of soup this weekend……a Vegetable and Kale Soup with Bacon and Chickpeas and Tomotoes and some basic Chicken Noodle Soup with lots of onions, carrots, celery and leeks.  All that chopping of vegetables has also renewed my plans to get a compost pile really going again.  At our last house we always put everything (other than meat) into compost but we haven’t done it here as much.  Of course finding snakes in the compost pile put me off a bit but I will try to be strong…..


4. As mentioned before, the boys are on some kind of lego high….this recent creation is one of my favorites:  a coffeemaker for the firefighters…..


5. So I missed the appointment with the nursing home because I was so sick and I missed taking my father to church for the same reason.  I’ll be out of town next weekend so that means I won’t be able to do either next weekend either.  I probably could take time off work to go to the nursing home but not on a three day week when I’m also taking time off to meet with Owen’s principal……  There’s just not enough time and being knocked out by illness for three days right now is just a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.  sigh.  Of course I imagine part of the reason I’m so susceptible to floating viral things these days is stress.  I remember when we lived in Chicago I hardly ever got sick.  I mean I did sometimes—-I got colds, etc. but not like I do now.  Of course those days just weren’t as stressful.  We lived in a great apartment by the lake, had jobs we sometimes liked sometimes didn’t and we basically lived for ourselves.  Different times.

6.  It was relatively warm this weekend and Ernie was a bit antsy with me being housebound so I got him to finally plant the bulbs we bought this fall.  Who knows…..maybe we’ll send out Christmas cards next month…..

7.  So not one of my most memorable weekends….BUT….not all bad because something Ernie has been waiting for a VERY long time came to pass…….

Yup.  It’s true….

the Hillbilly JItters video is finally on youtube…..ahhhhhhhhhh……the inimitable glories of Mike Henderson…..