1.  So the boys don’t have school today because it’s cold….really cold.  I know when it’s cold because that’s when we have to leave our water running in our bathroom sink so the pipes don’t freeze.  Our first floor bathroom was added onto our house later and let’s just say I don’t think it was exactly done by a licensed contractor.  For instance—-the switch to the light over the sink is in the basement.  I kid you not.  And the pipes freeze whenever it gets too cold.  And we have had run water all night several times already this winter. So anyway—-I know it’s only supposed to be 9 degrees today but….no school?  I’m just jealous of course.  I laid in bed this morning asking Ernie, "are you SURE the University isn’t closed too….it’s a school too you know" to no avail.  I told Owen school was canceled and he thought I was tricking him.  Of course when I saw his distrustful little face I couldn’t help giggling—which didn’t help my case—-but he trotted downstairs to ask Dad and was VERY excited when informed that  Mommy was telling the truth.  Leo came downstairs with his Paul Westerberg hair and when told there was no school yelled, "SWEET…THAT ROCKS."  Who is this teenage boy with the big brown eyes that lives inside my 8 year old?

2.  the hill in front of Judi’s front yard:


3.  One of the things Judi wanted me to make for her when I was visiting was macaroni and cheese.  Then we started talking about comfort food and got on the subject of meatloaf….so dinner that night was old fashioned meatloaf, macaroni and cheese and spinach.  I think the last time I made meatloaf it had chorizo and corn and hot peppers in it….that’s not what we wanted….we wanted plain old meatloaf.  We did season it up a bit with a Penzey’s spice rub (Northwoods Fire I think) but it was still pretty basic.  Then I topped it with the sauce Gina (yes, the inimitable Gina) makes for her meatloaf.  It’s ridiculously simple but doesn’t taste it.  Some green pepper, onion, catsup and brown sugar….I may have cooked mine a bit too long as it was pretty thick but I gotta say—it made the meatloaf.  I made a simple macaroni and cheese…..this is the version I’m trying to convince the boys to like.  They find it suspiciously like real cheese though and everyone knows macaroni and cheese is made with powder….  Leo has now turned on Kraft macaroni and cheese and his palate demands only Annie’s or Back to Nature.  Anyway….I found this recipe on salon.com once and it’s literally as quick and easy as a box (particularly if you weaken and buy pre-grated cheese).

Boil 8 oz. macaroni and drain.  Add 2 tablespoons of flour and stir until distributed evenly.  Then add 1 cup milk and cook for a few minutes until thickened.  Then add 2 cups grated cheese.  A little mustard or hot sauce perks it up.


4.  So what up with the dearth of comments.  Comments make for a happy Cynthia and God knows that’s what we all want…..right?

5. Another tidbit I found out on my trip:  Clemson University has its own cemetery.  Yup….right in the
middle of campus.  Now you may or may not know that I LOVE cemeteries so this really tickled me.  I believe Judi said that the plots are all sold but when I went online I found information from a few years ago and you had to have worked at Clemson over 20 years to be buried there.  I am so entertained.  I gotta say—-I live in a college town—-there are Illinois ‘I’s all over the place….but you just don’t see ‘I’s (or any other symbol) used with the same abandon as the good old Clemson Tiger Paw.  It’s amazing…it’s all over grocery stores….all over the streets…..everywhere….AND they have their own cemetery….


6.  ahhhhh….more to post but I must go to work……

5 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Good to have you back! And mmmmm…meatloaf sounds delicious. I should remember to send you the recipe for this African chicken stew we make quite often – it has turned into quite a comfort food for us and I think it would be your kind of thing.

  2. For almost a year The Poo would eat nothing but my homemade mac n’ cheese. I used butter with the flour to make a roux, but the rest is like yours. I liked half sharp cheddar and half velveeta for smoothness. It was also all my dad would or could eat during chemo.
    And meatloaf? Dude, I might have to make that. I’m dying for protein but my belly is still sensitive. Might do the trick!

  3. I have a recipe for Turkey Meatloaf that I like (I don’t eat beef) … I have been meaning to try Mrs. C’s mac-n-cheese recipe for a while now. We also like the Back to Nature stuff — although the Trader Joe’s is my favorite; we stock up.

  4. Wow, the mac and cheese sounds good right now (it’s 6:30 a.m. and -3 degrees). I’ve never seen this method of mixing the flour in like that. I must try it. Nice quick fix!