1.  Only women of a certain age will appreciate this….the other night Owen grabbed my face between both hands and kissed me….then paused and said "Mom, I see a little hair on your chin….you must be really old."  When I gave him a wounded look be backtracked and said, "well you’re just a LITTLE bit old, Grandma is really old."  sigh.

2.  We got the email from the Lego store today and the Lego Fire Station and the Lego Passenger Train should be delivered tomorrow.  Oh, I know I’m weak but I was so touched by Leo buying the Fire Station for Owen that I figured he should get something too.  The boys are beside themselves with excitement.  I think we’re going to be checking the DHL tracking QUITE often this evening….

3.  Last night Owen told me he was going to get to take part in a celebration at school…that he hadn’t been able to before but now he could.  Then this morning he said he couldn’t wait to get to school.  Woo-hoooooo!

4.  Judi’s first day of radiation and chemo today.  Only two days of chemo this week but given how hard the chemo has been—–on top of the radiation that’s an awful lot to deal with.  I wish I weren’t so far away.  At one point I had told her she should come here and stay with us while she got treatment.  The thought of her living in our chaotic, loud household while feeling like that really is laughable though.  Oh well.

5.   Leo seems to be turning on Cub Scouts.  I mentioned this to my mother and commented that I didn’t think Leo would ever be a ‘joiner."  She really laughed and reminded me that I was a Brownie drop-out.  Yeah…….Leo really is my guy.

6.  I had the weirdest dream this morning as I was trying to force myself awake.  It’s already fading but somehow it involved me and several friends giving birth at the same time (I kept joking about how easy it would be to share birthday parties—oh and Sasha, you had twins again), the Gilmore Girls and the  Clintons.  I wish I could remember it better because it was really fascinating…..

7.  And in honor of that….only a friend like David would send me a picture of the Stars Hollow set that he captured form Google Earth.  Luke’s Diner is at the top with the white things around it for filming.


2 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Funny… I was just thinking yesterday about how I dropped out of 4-H when I was 12. I was wondering what I could do to make experiences like that easier for E because I really wish I could have learned how to learn things with my peers.
    Maybe I should have gotten a sheep or a goat instead of taking cooking and sewing, though.