1.  Owen is six today and is surprised that he doesn’t feel any different.

2.  My baby not only turned six today but lost his first tooth yesterday.  Baby no more I guess.


3.  Our Christmas tree has practically no needles left from not only the dryness but the cats and kids playing among the lower branches.  I guess it’s time for it to go but Dad used to say we had to leave it up until Three Kings Day and that’s not until the sixth….


4.  Owen is really good at being the birthday boy—-gasps of absolute delight with every present…  By the way—great job with the presents Aunt Debbie.  And Aunt Judi—your present for Owen is on the way—-I ordered it a bit late but Owen knows it’s coming….


here he is fainting with delight:


5.  Ernie and I are going to meet with Owen’s teacher after school on Monday.

6.  Today is a totally Owen-centric day.  He is in charge as it is his birthday.  God help us all.

7.  Leo has turned into a curmudgeonly teenager at the age of eight.  What does this  foretell about his actual teenage years?  He’s grumpy, sighs a lot and rolls his eyes.

8.  Six years ago I’d been in labor for twenty-four hours, the epidural wasn’t working and they were telling me not to push as that made  Owen’s heart rate go down, just to lay there for a few more hours to see if he’d move down on his own. Oh man. Later in the day a c-section rescued us both and when they showed me Owen I couldn’t believe it.  With his hair all wet he looked like he had tiny little blonde dreadlocks.  He already had a lot of personality—-literally right from the womb….and he smelled like a  baked good.  My little baked good.

9.  Happy Birthday Owen!!!!

5 thoughts on “Random Notes and Pictures from The Sandwich Life

  1. Thank god for that c-section. That labor sounds like mine, but I didn’t get the c-section. I got a series of surgeries later to repair the damage from the birth.
    Those pictures of Owen are priceless! Hooray for a tooth-missing, older, happy boy.

  2. First tooth on his sixth birthday…how cool is that! Happy Birthday to your big guy! They grow oh so quickly. Parker will be eight in a month and I can’t get my head around it. Owen looks great in his shirt.