1.  It’s January 2nd so it’s back to work today.  I’ve read a number of posts looking back at 2007 or ahead to 2008 and I find myself wanting to do neither.  I didn’t like some of what 2007 brought and I fear what 2008 may bring.  Being sick over much of the break left me in a state of suspended animation and now it’s back to real life and I’m not so thrilled.  The worries came streaming in yesterday: worries about Owen and school, small worries about Leo and school, tiny worries about Ernie’s PSA, big worries about my parents and more worries about my sister….all on top of a busy month at work. I felt overwhelmed by it all but Ernie talked me through it and we watched some more Gilmore Girls and snuggled with the guys.  I’ll muddle through.

2.  Owen…..that’s right….my baby Owen is going to be SIX this Friday.   BABY Owen.  SIX years old.  Ohhhhhhh.   Shouldn’t he still look like this?


3.  One of the only constructive things I did (if you can call it that) over the break was finally put some Adam Schmitt on Owen’s little oPod.  He was thrilled.  I also bought the supplies to make the Adam Schmitt shirt for his birthday.  I hope it works.

4.  The other night Ernie came to bed late and I was sound asleep.  I woke just enough to start talking crazy talk from my dream to him.  I don’t really remember much of it but I remember him getting exasperated with me and I reached over and double clicked his arm.

That right….I double clicked my husband’s arm. I don’t know if I thought a little screen was going to pop up explaining what I was trying to say or what. 

Methinks I’ve been on my new laptop a bit too much over the holidays…..

4 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I haven’t commented in sooooo long. Just wanted you to know that I still read your blog everyday and appreciate you sharing your stories and struggles.

  2. Yr baby Owen is ADORABLE. I just want to go back 6 years and pet his little ball head and smoosh his cheeks a little. Eeeeee!
    My baby is 15 1/2 as of today. Gads.
    I think most people who garden, who are really into it and are fascinated by it tend to go overboard on the whole seeds/tools/etc thing. I always overdo with the seeds. it’s kind of like yarn. When I’m in a deep knitting phase, I always way overdo it on the yarn. I’m finding things in my stash I didn’t know I had.

  3. My mother always loved to sew—when we were kids she sewed us beautiful clothing. She used to have trunks and drawers full of fabric….to this day I find fabric stores soothing…..
    same as seeds and yarn I guess…..