Hard morning with my father today.  Owen and I got over there at our regular time but evidently my parents had gotten up late.  After screeching in the bathroom at my father for awhile…."DAD…IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR CHURCH–YOU HAVE TO HURRY" he finally came out and started to get dressed.  After more encouragement I finally tried to help him.  I found he had put some pants of my mothers on and somehow had his legs in the wrong side.  So I had to take his shoes off and get the pants off as Owen stood in the living room yelling "IT’S LATE MOM."  I helped him take the pants off only to find he had no underwear on—oops surprise.  Found some Depends and a pair of his own pants and managed to get him dressed.  There’s just something hard about putting underwear on your father…..

Church was fine although I’ve noticed he doesn’t follow along in the hymnal anymore.  Each little change makes me hurt a bit.

Owen was so sweet to my Dad.  As Dad slowly got our of the car at church Owen stood there encouraging him in his sweet little voice…."just push the red button to get out of the seat belt Grandpa…that’s it, good job Grandpa."

I need to work on changing Sunday afternoons because after church and shopping etc with him I come home and can’t manage to force myself into a good mood and that’s not fair to the rest of the family.  I need to plan something….left at loose ends on those days isn’t good.

Today was warm—-almost 50 degrees and the boys played outside for a long time.  It’s good to see their cheeks pink from running in the park…..

Ernie bought me some cooking magazines though and now we’re listening to KaneWelchKaplin (February 8 at Fitzgeralds!!!) so life is o.k.



2 thoughts on “Random Pictures and Notes from a Sandwich Weekend

  1. Huh, that does look really interesting Mel. Unfortunately my father had a series of neurosurgeries in the 70’s and so does not qualify for any trials….
    Maybe they’ll have it ready by the time I start forgetting things…God help poor Ernie….