1.  I asked Ernie to call the nursing home and make an appointment with somebody in admissions.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

2.  I feel exhausted emotionally right now.  It makes my head feel thick and muzzy.

3.  Can’t quite decide how I feel about Clinton winning in New Hampshire.

4.  Owen cried again this morning and asked to go to a different classroom.  I reminded him that his friends wouldn’t be in that class and he just grabbed my face and put his nose right up to me and said, "I can see them at recess."

5.  A couple of years ago my sister Debbie sent the boys 10 lb. Hershey bars at Christmas.  Leo has never stopped talking about them.  So this year I believe my sister special-ordered them.  Yes, as we say in our family, "Aunt Debbie is nuts."  Of course Leo was sick on Christmas so although he was thrilled to see the huge Hershey bar he didn’t unpack it to view it in all its chocolate glory until recently.  This is what resulted:


Yup….a Chocolate Stand.  Shavings for 50 cents and chunks for $1.  That’s my boy. Leo’s definitely the one that will support me in my old age.  Owen will be there giving me hugs and keeping me company but Leo will be writing the checks. The worst thing about it is that he actually convinced Owen to buy chocolate from him even though he has his own Hershey bar!  Eventually Owen set up a competing chocolate stand and God help us but Ernie and I ended up spending a fair amount of money buying chocolate we didn’t want.  My sweet peas.

One thought on “Very Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Yah, after I read your post from the other day, I was thinking about when my sister moved the nephew out of a class because of the teacher.
    If he’s miserable and you really think it’s because the teacher and he don’t click, transferring him to another class might help. It did for the nephew. We got a teacher that gave us a *ton* of suggestions and outside work to help Bry learn—instead of one that seemed oddly hostile to the boy.
    A teacher told me once that sometimes, for whatever reason, some teachers don’t want to alter their teaching methods for any child. And since *everyone* learns differently, that’s not always the best thing for the kids.