I leave for South Carolina and Judi tomorrow morning and this evening will be busy getting ready.  So I’ll say goodbye for a couple of days.  Hopefully tomorrow won’t be as snowy and icy as the forecast predicts….I think I might take the route through Atlanta—it’s an hour or so longer but an easier drive and in bad weather I’d just as soon have it that way. 

There are a number of people who have commented in the last few weeks, some of you for the first time, that I planned to get back to with thanks individually—–just not possible right now I’m afraid.  So please just know—each and every one of you that commented or emailed—-how much I appreciate your kind thoughts, your suggestions and support.  They mean more than you can imagine.

Last night Owen told me all about Martin Luther King, Jr.  He just about brought me to tears. "I know what it says on his grave Mommy" he said seriously as he stirred onions sauteeing in a pan.  "What does is say honey?"  He looked up at me and with great emotion said "Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty, I’m Free at last."  ahhhhhhh.

This morning as we were attempting to force Owen out the door Leo sighed and said in a world-weary voice, "Owen, you are very emotional."

I’m gonna miss my sweet peas.

Oh, and Ernie….well I just may miss him a bit too.  Given that it was 27 (GOOD GOD) years ago tomorrow that I met him…..  Last night we were supposed to go out for a celebratory drink.  We thought about tracing our steps on that fateful night…..taking a picture of the building Mabel’s used to be in, then driving by the house at 404 S. Busey in Urbana—which is where the afterhours party was when I finally gave up waiting for him and introduced myself to him….  Then we decided, hell, it was too cold and dark to do that…we’d just go out and reminisce.  Then our babysitter forgot us.  Oops.  Oh well….we had a drink at home and curled up with the boys and watched some more Gilmore Girls….possibly the best celebration after all…..