Sitting here on a Sunday afternoon looking at a VERY OLD Mabel’s calendar. Well the first show listed on this calendar is "Rock ‘n Roll never forgets" but neither do those of us that lived through the years of Mabel’s…..

I’ve been bugging Ernie to find all my old Vertebrats posters so he was digging around out in the garage—-in all the boxes that still haven’t been packed since we moved in ten years ago.  He did find ONE Vertebrats poster but he also came in with a huge envelope of stuff that Brad Steakley and his then-wife LuAnn gave to us when we left C-U in 1985 to move to Michigan.  Many more posts to come with this stuff….everything from an Eddie’s menu to TONS of Screams stuff and Elvis Brothers stuff…..

This Mabels flier really brought back the memories though….


So we were there for Tom Verlaine (I know I’m not supposed to say this but it was damn boring), we may have been there for a Combo Audio show, we were there for 999 and the Alleycats (YES), we were there for the Vertebrats shows and we were there for the Elvis Brothers show….Ernie says we were there for Garrison…don’t remember…who knows how many other shows we were at….maybe Chuck Tripp in PPT…..we spent a lot of time there….

I loved the 999 show…..the Alleycats opened and were amazing….here are a couple of youtube clips to remember it by…..