We did it.  Ernie took my mother to the doctor and they dosed her up with antibiotics and then I took Mel’s advice and ignored my sore throat and worry and went up to Riverside/Berwyn.  Riverside for Resort Eileen and Berwyn for Fitzgerald’s and KaneWelchKaplin.


I feel more myself.

They sounded absolutely incredible—better than ever—and even though we were a bit late we managed to score seats right in front of the stage.


It did my heart good.  I need to make an effort to see more live music but they are more than wonderful live music to me….they just are very special.

Ernie and his beloved Kieran:



O.K…..I had to crop most of Ernie out of this picture because he had his eyes closed and looked odd but Kevin’s got the beard thing down and looks good so…..


God I love this song:



the boys saying goodbye to Eileen:


What would a visit to Eileen’s house be without a stop at Berwyn Toys and Trains?


Eileen with the master snuggler himself:


Driving home….sleeping boys in the backseat….wet prairie on either side of us:


This morning I woke up feeling somewhat rotten—-and so I wimped out and didn’t take my father to church.  I’m not really all that sick—just a bit under the weather—-but I guess I just felt like I needed to claim a day to myself….partly just to savor our 23 hours away……

Sorry Dad….I promise we’ll go next Sunday.  Right now I’m drinking my cold coffeemilk and poking around youtube….finding Kieran and Kevin stuff…..being lazy and listening to the cold wind outside (well, and let’s face it….the wind pretty much zips through our old un-insulated house). The boys are running around our cold house in their underwear (why WON’T they wear clothes?). I am very lucky.

One thought on “Ahhhhhhhhhhh……

  1. I’m so glad it worked out for you! I love live music and it is such a luxury with kids to go out just the two of you to see a band you love…ah heaven! My boys were running around in underwear today and I had a hat on (love old houses) inside. Rob says it proves that setting our thermostat at 60 degrees is still too warm. They are insane.