oh man….I just can’t do anything right.  I didn’t get my parents’ flu shots this year.  I just forgot.  Now every other word out of my mother’s mouth is "well, of course we didn’t get flu shots."  She has a cold and is worried because she hasn’t had a flu shot.  I told her a flu shot wouldn’t keep her from getting a cold and finally snapped at her and said "well, let’s go get the flu shot then" (she had told me no when I brought it up recently) and then she got mad at me and told me not to get impatient with her.

Oh, and my father is very angry with me for stealing his car.

Oh, and instead of acting like a mature 45 year old mother, I am instead holding a grudge against my children for being little shits on Saturday.  Who cares that they are only 6 and 8…..I can act like a child too damn it.

This morning I sighed when I got off the phone and Owen made this sort of growling noise.  I asked him what the matter was and he said, "you’re getting sad again." "No, I’m not honey…I’m fine," I protested.  "You’re just worried then?" he asked.  "Yeah, I’m just a little worried."  So what am I doing to my children?  Making them worry about me being sad?  Damn. Damn. Damn.

It’s Monday and it’s foggy out and my snow is melting.