February 3

Hello again,
When the doctor came in this morning to see Judi,
he told her the problem is a severe irritation of the stomach lining brought on
by all the things they are doing to her and giving her.  While it’s not
uncommon, it has certainly made her feel miserable.  She still hasn’t been
able to keep anything down, so tonight we asked for broth rather than solid
food.  That stayed down, so hopefully she can ease back into some kind of
sustenance.  It was mentioned today that she might be able to go home
tomorrow, but that’s questionable since she can’t keep food down
The good news is that the two transfusions they
gave her yesterday seem to be working.  Her blood numbers are staying where
they want them, so they think the bleeding has stopped.  We’ll see
what tomorrow brings.  Her oncologist will be in early in the morning to
see her, and she plans to tell him that she’ll be there forever if they don’t
quit bringing her foods with high fructose corn syrup as a primary
She told me today that the radiation has already
made her feel so bad with increased nausea that she doesn’t know how she’s going
to get through 4 more weeks of it.  There is more tweaking of the
anti-nausea meds they can do, so I told her she has to be really firm in letting
them know how bad the nausea really is.  She’s not very good at
complaining!!!!!!!!  I’ll keep working on that with her!!!
More when we know

I spoke to Judi this morning and she was getting an additional transfusion.  Hopefully she’ll go home tomorrow. 

This is brutal.


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