Good New….no, make that Incredible News:    Judi’s PET scan came back and her lymph nodes look clear.

Bad News:    She started vomiting blood in the middle of chemo today.

She’s in the emergency room and will be in the hospital over the weekend.  I want to go.  I just don’t think I can.

My stomach is in knots waiting to hear more.


well, she’s been admitted to the hospital and will have an endoscopic ultrasound tomorrow to see if they can figure out where the blood is coming from. If no answers, then a colonoscopy. 

I hate not being there.

Please send her your prayers and healing wishes.

4 thoughts on “Good News Bad News-updated

  1. I’m glad you updated. Warm healing energy coming from here. I hope they resolve this quickly so that she can get back to hard work of healing.