I’m on a Peter Case kick of late.  I love his blog….great writing….about his time in the Nerves….political comments, etc.  He’s got one of those voices…..well he’s got the whole thing actually…..you have to love the Nerves.…you HAVE to love the Plimsouls and I gotta say I might love the  new stuff even more…..

I’m having a somewhat lazy Saturday morning. Waiting to hear how Judi’s procedure goes.  The boys are out at the park trying to fly Big Mercy.  Yes…..Big Mercy is back.  You might remember that Big Mercy is a remote control helicopter that the boys flew up into a tree the first time they used it in August of 2006.  Big Mercy has been dangling in that tree ever since…..through one winter….spring and summor storms and halfway through another winter.  The other day I was taking a shower in the morning and from the other room I heard hysterical shrieking.  ‘What now?" I thought and I stuck my head outside the shower curtain to see Owen bursting into the bathroom (such privacy I rate….) screaming "BIG MERCY, BIG MERCY IS DOWN FROM THE TREE."  Sure enough, Ernie (who has been somewhat obsessed with checking the tree) was running into the field by our house to bring Big Mercy back in.  The boys managed to calm down enough to go to school and Big Mercy sat and thawed out for a day or two.  They found her little landing pad and the remote control and tried to charger her up.  At the very moment the words "guys, you know she’s not going to work after all this time" came out of my mouth……Big Mercy began to hum…..and she actually lifted off the floor a little!

The damn helicopter spent a year and a half in a tree through Illinois’ ice storms, snow storms and  thunderstorms…..and still (kind of) works.  In fact she was flying high enough in the living room that we sent the boys outside with her.  It’s the BIG MERCY MIRACLE…..

Hope she doesn’t get stuck in a tree….