1.  O.K…..Owen woke up crankier than hell this morning with a spot on his arm…about 3/4 inch round with little bumps ringing it and he said it itched. hmmmm.  Anyone?

2. I wimped out and didn’t go see Wayne Hancock…..I just wasn’t feeling it and it was Sunday night….blah, blah, blah….  Luckily our friend Bob went with Ernie which was nice as they don’t get enough time to hang out together.  Ernie woke up somewhat grumpy himself this morning and kept saying he stayed out too late.  Since he was home not long after 11:00 p.m. methinks there might be a slightly different reason….

3.  Saturday Ernie and I went poking around the yard hoping for some sign of spring.  What were we thinking?  It’s mid February in the midwest.  sigh.  I thought maybe the hellebores….or the lungwort….

4.  Since Ernie was out last night, and the guys worn out from playing outside all afternoon we all tumbled into bed together and read books.  Leo stayed up the latest.

5.  I can’t believe it’s Monday morning already and I have to go to work.  I need another treat to look forward to. 

6. Here’s a picture of my Dad with Leo in 2000 when Leo was a turtle for Halloween. 


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