1.  Got home last night only to find that my paycheck had only lasted half the month.  Geesh. There’s an old Billy Hill song that Marty Stuart covered called Too Much Month at the End of the  Money.  Fitting. 

2. One of my favorite blogs of late is Growing Curious. You know how you start to read some blogs and you immediately start hunting for the ‘add to feed’ button?  Hers was one of those for me.  She wrote something really kind about this blog today and I must thank her for that as well as all her support.  So thanks with all my heart Cathy!  I also heard from an old friend last night with whom I’d reconnected via the Vertebrats reunion and this blog. What a pleasure. I must tell all of you that regularly read this how much I appreciate your comments and kind thoughts. They really help.  I certainly have no more challenges than we all do at some point in our lives but right at this moment—-you are all helping me.  I only hope that I can support all of you anytime you need it.

3.  Ernie said the other night I started talking in my sleep and he was somewhat bemused to hear me clearly say, "don’t worry, we’re not breaking up."  hmmmm

4.  We REALLY need warm weather so those children….o.k. mostly Owen….can get outside and burn some energy off.  Last night Leo requested to go to bed at 7:45 because he wanted to go upstairs and read (he really is my boy you know).  He reads for about an hour every night before bed and that makes me so happy.  On the other hand 8:30 found Owen leaping straight up into the air over and  over, explaining "I’m trying to spend my energy down Mom."

5.  I’m SO glad it’s Friday but what I really wish I had is a Seven Day Weekend…..just as my beloved Johnny Thunders sang about….