1.  I am ashamed to admit that I forgot to report that the Big Boy is here.  Leo saved his money and then on his birthday he got money from Aunt Debbie and his grandparents towards the Big Boy.  Well, every time I sat down to order it online I got confused….this model train thing is a whole new world…and let’s face it…my fall was a bit busy…  We finally ordered it however and it arrived in all its glory:


Leo told Owen that he could own 5% of it.  Owen looked at me in puzzlement and said, "He says he hates me but then he’s nice to me.  I don’t get it."

2.  Owen expressed concern that Adam Schmitt had died.  I assured him he hadn’t.  I think he feels that if he were alive he should have met him by now.  This is the only video I can find of Adam.  Anyone?

3.  Stopped at the grocery store last night and there were…..GARDEN
SEEDS…..  Just buying some zinnia seeds made me feel better!


4.  I love cooking with my husband….


5.  My father ate his cereal out of the cat’s food dish yesterday.  At least he washed it first.

6. As Owen was excitedly looking at some Playmobil toys at the train store he studied this one, thought for a minute and said, "I think that one is Kathleen Jones."  As I stared at it trying to figure out why the little figure by the volcano reminded him of my friend he piped up, "or is that Indiana Jones?"

7.  Had a late lunch at Fries and Peanuts with the guys….and what’s up with all these pictures of my curmudgeon smiling????



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