This new routine of trying to eat earlier and encourage (uh well, force) Leo to eat more foods is good and all that but it’s wiping me out.  I’m missing the time I used to collapse when I first got home from work.  For a long time though we’d been feeding the boys separately pretty often and I figure if I’m EVER going to get Leo to eat more than the 6-8 items he eats now then we need to eat together more often.  So far so….well, so far somewhat good I guess.  The other night Leo just plain refused to eat dinner—-any of it—-because he didn’t like what else was on the plate.  I said fine and so he just didn’t eat.  Get this though….he wouldn’t even SIT at the table….and mind you I told him he was excused but he wouldn’t leave either.  He just STOOD at the table the whole time we were eating.  Reminded me of when he was younger—during thunderstorms he would come and STAND next to our bed….refused to get in or even sit on the bed….but would just stand there until he got so sleepy he tilted.

Anyway—so no dinner that night although later that evening Owen confided to me that he could tell that Leo was really hungry when he was standing there.  Poor Owen almost twisted himself inside out trying to amuse Leo and make him laugh.  Leo did crack a smile or two so Owen could feel good about the job he was doing.

Last night was a bit iffy because Ernie forgot to buy blueberries for cobbler and I was just too damn tired to stop at the store.  I have promised him blueberry cobbler for dessert tonight though so hopefully he will buckle down and ingest some more specks of food.

I feel  unutterably boring and blah.  I’m going with the whole ‘time of year’ thing.  It’s not the gray weather though…it’s sunny today and I’m finding that relatively irritating.  I’d rather have snow.  I mean I want either nice beautiful snow OR weather I can garden in.  This in-between stuff sucks.

We have started discussing gardening plans with the boys.  Leo wants to grow different colored carrots again.  Both of them want sunflowers.  Oh, Leo wants to grow Big Boy tomatoes in honor of the Big Boy Union Pacific engine of course.  I want to grow Bright Lights Swiss Chard since I’m on a swiss chard kick. Maybe if I focus on garden plans….maybe then the sun won’t irritate me….


from Botany Photo of the Day at the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden and Centre
        for Plant Research.