Sleepless night last night.  Partially because I’m a weak-willed idiot and let Owen convince me that I should sleep with him in his bed.  I figure soon enough he’ll be refusing to kiss me so I should enjoy the snuggling while I can. He was so excited as we crawled under the firetruck sheets and read books together.  What I forgot about is the fact that he has the hardest and smallest mattress in the world.  What were we thinking?  I tossed and turned as much as I could do in my limited space and finally wandered into our room to see if morning was close.  The clock only said 2:30 a.m. so I broke down and went back to my own bed.  Suffice to say Master Owen was NOT pleased when he woke up.  Even in my own bed though I couldn’t sleep.  Nursing Home visit yesterday morning.  My mother has a terrible cold. Judi was discharged from the hospital.  We have to sign up for parent-teacher conferences.  We’re broke. Gotta remember to make a hair cut appointment for my mother.  My father’s state prescription benefits didn’t go through even my mother’s did. On and on.

The nursing home visit was fine.  It’s a nice, new facility.  Granted it looks a bit like a detention center from the outside but inside was very nice. 

But still. 

Although at one point as we walked down the hall I trailed my finger along the wall and thought what a relief it would be to have them someplace safe.  Eh.  My mother is not willing to have him go in now however.  So when? I wish I knew.

Judi is back home. Getting radiation…chemo starts again on Thursday.

My mother still sounds rotten but I think she be o.k. and we will still be able to go see KaneWelchKaplin tomorrow night.  I have my fingers crossed. I think it will do us good.

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