oh man, oh man, oh man do I love this song….I’m so glad I found this clip of KaneWelchKaplin doing it.  It’s a song by David Olney…..classic David Olney.  It kills me that we have never seen David Olney.  Somehow it  has never worked out…..tonight he’s playing in LaSalle, Illinois of all places but a two hour drive and no babysitter…..

I’ve got this though…..

One thought on “Someday David Olney….

  1. I am so glad you got to go!! I was supposed to go to the Columbus show but the plans fell through.. Can’t believe its been a year or more since I began reading your blog; after your post on the kw board. I get such a kick out of your kids..and my heart goes out to you in your struggles with your parents and your sisters recent illness.
    I know you are reading seed catalogs and longing for spring; as am I!
    Take Care…Patty