A good Judi update below from Gina.  I talked to Judi last night and she sounded pretty good.  Leo talked to her for a LONG time….all about Lego City and about how much Lego he plans to bring next time he visits her, etc.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 
I just wanted to let you know that Judi is finally
starting to feel a bit better.  The congestion from the cold is almost
gone, and today for the first time since this last hospitalization, she could
tell that she felt a little better.  That said, she did have another round
of chemo today but was still doing OK this afternoon.  Dr. "Mrs." Malik has
been vary concerned about the nausea and has helped Judi out with a different
medication.  She doesn’t want Judi to lose any more weight.  Her
appetite is getting better each day now, and she’s being very deliberate about
eating regularly to help prevent any more irritation of the stomach
I also wanted to let you know that Judi sincerely
appreciated all the wonderful cards you sent when she was hospitalized and the
great Valentine cards.  These do so much to keep her spirits up, so thank
Only two more weeks of radiation to go and then
only two more rounds of chemo after that.  We talked today about the ‘light
at the end of the tunnel’, and she felt good enough today to see that
light.  Thanks for all you’ve done to help her get through all of
this!  She remains in awe of your support.
And finally, for those who aren’t aware, Judi has a
birthday coming up on Monday, February 25.  If you would like to send a
card and don’t have her address it is
(just email me if you’d like it…Cynthia).