Owen was particularly photogenic yesterday. I considered not posting them because I like to balance it out between the two boys.  However….when you have one guy that likes having his picture taken and one that feels that it crushes his soul….well sometimes you just have to put pictures up of only one of your sons. 

It’s ironic that I’m putting these up right now because actually I’m really pissed at Owen at the moment.  So I will put these up, look at them, remember that he’s only six years old and then I’ll go give him a kiss.






I walked down to she school to let him play on the playground and he was so happy that he just kept shouting "I LOVE YOU MOMMY" as he played.  Then he ran and picked out two leaves to give me as a token of his love.


And here he is in all glory—VERY proud of his newfound ability to get ALL the way across the monkey bars…..


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