so tired. 

so tired. 

saw every number on the clock last night

except 5:00 because by then I was finally sleeping soundly

missing my husband

wanting spring

weird dreams about crying helplessly, antique shops in Chicago, Eileen making me go to church and cakestands turning into banjos….


so tired

O.K…..I’ll try to wake up but I’ll make no promises.  Owen decided to sleep with me last night but even though Ernie wasn’t there he insisted on sleeping smack dab in the middle of the bed.  Restless night for both of us.  Leo was going to sleep with us but after reading for about an hour he decided he’d had enough and went back to his own bed.

I really think if I laid my head down I would be asleep instantaneously.  That is not a good feeling unless you are about to get into bed.

At least today is Friday. Tomorrow we’ll head up to the antique show.  I told Owen he might have to wear a nametag with his name and the name of our business but he frowned and said that was an awful lot of words…couldn’t his just say "Owen: Here to Sell"??????  Brilliant.  That boy is brilliant.