I don’t really know who all reads my little blog but I’m throwing this out. 

Does anybody know if Microsoft Train Simulator will play on my Mac if I get Parallels????

You can only imagine how much I need this information.

Damn youtube.

5 thoughts on “O.K…..this is important

  1. At work I use a Mac [iMac] with Intel Core Duo. It’s a hefty box with a lot of processing power and I run Parallels. Reason: our integrated library system, which my office supports, needs a Windows-based environment.
    You need “a lot” of memory [I have 1 GB] and disk space for Parallels. I love it! It’s like having 2 computers in one. My Parallels has an XP Windows environment, so if the Train program can run in XP, you can have it on your machine.

  2. I have a MacBook for work running OS X and parallels, and haven’t had any problems running PC software. I’ll second Mel, you should probably have 2GB of RAM, and be aware that running such a graphic-intensive application will give the cooling fan a workout. Even so, I don’t know that you’d hear it over the steam, the whistles and miscellaneous noise of the simulator.
    Thank goodness we didn’t have those when I was a kid. Who knows how many hours I would have lost!