Here is Gina’s update on Judi.  I talked to Judi last night.  I am really missing her.  I am going to try to go out and see her sometime in the next month or so.  It’s hard to imagine her getting through this anywhere else but Clemson.  Of course I wish she were somewhere closer but we both agree that she was meant to be in South Carolina for this.  The support of her department has been phenomenal.  I want to do something for the department…..anyone have any ideas? I thought maybe I could just buy lunch one day for everyone but it’s a huge department and Judi said all the grad students would eat the food….! I’ve got to think of something….


Hi to all,

In spite of the dreary, rainy day we had today, it was a great day.  Judi completed her 25 days of radiation this morning!!!!!!  Check out the attached photo, and you will see the significance of this day in her huge smile.  The plaque on the wall right behind her holds the bell that each patient completing radiation rings after the last treatment.  Judi rang it loudly to lots of applause.  She’s holding 25 pink roses in her arms–one for each day of radiation.

She was supposed to have chemo yesterday and today, but her platelet count was too low.  She got shots to boost the count both days, so the hope is that she will be able to start the chemo again tomorrow.  The count yesterday was really borderline, so we’re pretty optimistic that the count will be up enough by tomorrow to allow chemo.

Beginning Sunday, she will have friends with her for the next two weeks.  This is something she has been able to look forward to throughout the ordeals of the last 5 weeks.  What a blessing!

The PRTM Department continues to feed her well–another blessing.  Many, many people have done so many different things for her; and she continues to be awed by that generosity.  So thank you all again.  Keep her in your thoughts, and smile as you look at the photo from today knowing she’s over one very large hurdle!!!

My best to all,

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