We drove down to Arthur for an antique show today.  I could feel my spirits rising as we drove through the country.  Arthur is the heart of Amish country in Illinois and so of course the boys love watching for the buggies and listening the horses clop by….  It’s a great show although not the best for the guys….it’s mostly early stuff which means they don’t manage to score any old toys.  They enjoyed it though…..Leo loved the chocolate chip cookies from the Amish run food stand and Owen convinced us to buy a little wooden plane that was probably a bit on the pricy side but he had his heart set on it……..he’s agreed that we can sell it but has somehow made a deal with us that he gets the profit…..  Leo sat there chewing on his cookie figuring out how much we should charge for everything….





The show was packed which maybe bodes well for Ernie’s show next weekend although I don’t have particularly high hopes.  We’ll see.  It felt great to get out of the house though.  I always feel very proud of my boys when they go antiquing with us.  Makes me very happy.

The sweet peas.