1. It's a rainy Monday morning but I guess I can't complain as it was a good weekend.  I followed up Saturday's antique show with an unnecessary but delightful nap and then a wonderful party at some friends' house.  Sunday was actually pretty good.  Owen came with me and my Dad was having a pretty good day.  He was dressed when I got there, called Owen by his name and I could hear him singing and giving the responses clearly and strongly during church. Saw Michael and Kathy, two of my favorite people, in church and then I dropped Dad and Owen off at home and did the shopping by myself so all in all not as tough a Sunday as some….

2. Yesterday found the temperatures in the mid 60's and sunny.  I wandered around the yard and yes….finally found a sign of spring!  My crocuses are up:


The yard it horribly muddy (see Owen's shoes below) so couldn't really do much but managed to sit in the sun and read a cooking magazine while drinking a glass of wine.  Saw a cluster of hawks flying overhead and the warmth brought out the ladybugs already….


3. Judi's last day of radiation is tomorrow!  After spring break she'll start her last two rounds of chemo.  I talked to her for awhile over the weekend and I think I really need to make plans to go see her during that.  It will be a brief visit but I think we need to see each other. Here is Gina's most recent update:

Just a quick note about Judi.  This coming Monday and Tuesday will be the last of the radiation treatments for Judi………..YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of course, she's also going to have chemo both of those days, too, but at least the radiation is ending.  It has made her so terribly tired not to mention nauseous!  The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter with each day, and for that we are very thankful.
Her birthday was enjoyable thanks to Bev's visit and to the wonderful outpouring of birthday wishes in various forms from all of you.  Judi felt well enough Thursday night to go out for dinner with our Ladies Night group, so we celebrated her birthday again.  We kept her out until 8:30, so she was really tired the next day.  She can rest this weekend and look forward to the "bell ringing ceremony" at the cancer center on Tuesday when she finishes her radiation. 
At her doctor appointment this past week with Dr. "Mr." Malik, she told him the dates she will be at Edisto with Claude, Liana and Matthew.  He noted them and told her he won't do chemo the week before but will give her shots to boost her up so she can really enjoy Edisto.  Thank, you, Dr. Malik!!!  He asked her at that appointment if she was walking/exercising, and she simply said "no".  This time he didn't even try to encourage her to do so but just accepted that she is really worn out from the radiation.
I was at our little local pharmacy yesterday filling a prescription for Judi.  The pharmacists, as always, were asking about how she was doing.  They are just amazed at how well she has held up through this double dosing of radiation and chemo, fulling realizing what her body has had to go through.  As she told Dr. Malik earlier, "I'm really stubborn" so I guess she's still applying that stubborn determination to this long battle.  Way to go, Judi!!!!!!!!!!!
My best to all,

4.  Ernie goes out of town to do an antique show this weekend.  I'm tossing around the idea of the boys and I going up and meeting him for the weekend.  They've been expressing interest in 'doing an antique show with Daddy' so we'll see.  Owen's really hoping to sell the plane we bought to fund more Lego….

5.  You've got to watch this video…..it's kind of 3/4 Rockpile….from the Life Stiffs tour in 77 I think…good way to start a gloomy Monday….

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