1.  I have been so blue.  Actually not even blue…I’ve been gray hoping to GET to blue.  Last night we met our friends for dinner at Fries and Peanuts and I was so gray that I wasn’t even looking forward to it.  However….friends have incredible powers for changing colors to I had a great time.  Waitress forgot our food order so we ended up shoving the food in our mouths right before we left but nonetheless it really did me good. Here’s Leo glaring at me for having the effrontery to take a picture of him and Sophie. Other than that he was quite cheerful.  New bowling game….very exciting….


2.  I can’t believe spring break is half over.  Not that it’s a break for me but it is more relaxed both at work and at home so I hate to see it go so fast.  I think the boys really needed a break.  I came home from work yesterday and found them racing around our field in the rain.  They came in a little later and Leo had wet hair and shoes and beautiful red cheeks…..Owen came in with wet hair, mud all over his butt, the holes in the knees of his jeans torn more and muddy, sweater wet with a streak of mud and beautiful red cheeks. I love my sweet peas.

3.  I’m taking Friday off work and can’t decide what to do.  We should do some antique buying….of course we have to color Easter eggs.  Thought about going out of town…kind of wish it weren’t Easter weekend because I can’t have my father miss mass on Easter.  I don’t think we should have Easter this early anyway….I need a flower or two….

4.  Ernie was looking for something in our nightmare of a basement and he came across some old cassette tapes.  One was of an interview of Turning Curious (or maybe even B-Lovers, don’t remember) on WEFT.  They did a song or two live and man it was great.  I think I’d forgotten how great they sounded live.  Speaking of the B-Lovers….when I looked at this picture that I had a post or two ago I thought to myself that Leo looked like a little Nick Rudd…..and then I realized that must make Owen a little Bernie Proeschl!


5. Video clip time. I’m sorry to be negative but I can’t help myself.  First, let me say I’m a fan of both Lucinda Williams and Willie Nile.  However this is so awful I’m fascinated—it seems to get worse as it goes along.  And I gotta say it sure goes on a long time for a Ramones song….  I guess there’s a reason that Lucinda sings slower songs and stands still.  I showed this to Ernie and he said, ‘thanks a lot, now this is burned in my head.