1.  I read a bunch of reviews/write-ups of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony and, except for a few, wondered if they had watched the same event I had.  I could barely keep my eyes open during the whole Justin Timberlake/Madonna thing and even the Stooges didn't do much for me.  I know, I know, it's Iggy, it's the Stooges, Mike Watt blah, blah, blah but it left me pretty cold.  Not a Billy Joel fan but man his intro to John Mellencamp was fantastic and I have a serious soft spot for John Mellencamp and is his son CUTE or what?  Oh and speaking of cute…..how does John Fogerty look so young?  And the Dave Clark Five…what can I say?  One of the first times I knew Kathleen  Jones was going to be my friend was when she did a little Dave Clark Five impression while we were working at the museum.  The Madonna stuff….ah well….as always, I just don't get it. 

2.  O.K., perhaps my male readers don't want to know this but what the hell….you're all grownups. I feel like hell.  I got my period for the first time in practically a year.   My mother took DES when she was pregnant with us girls and although I was lucky enough not to have problems conceiving or carrying my guys, I do have the pleasure of going through menopause way early because of this.  So suffice to say I feel like I've been hit with a telephone pole and the hormones are messing with me bigtime.  Not what I needed frankly.  I've been feeling brighter but this has kind of knocked me down.

3.  Had a nice long talk with Judi last night.  Her friend Nancy is with her this week and she sounds good.  Next week she'll be on Edisto Island with friends and then when she's back she'll start her last two rounds of chemo.  I'm hoping to go down for a quick visit in late April….just can't swing it before that.

4.  Time Change:  BAD

5. The boys are VERY excited.  Aunt Debbie left a message on the phone saying to watch for the UPS truck today……

6. Ernie sees his oncologist in about two weeks.  I'm pretty damn anxious about it.  I don't like this whole PSA bounce thing.

7. Gotta figure out where to do some antique buying this weekend.  Ernie's doing a show in Cedar Rapids in a few weeks and its a very folky show—–but last weekend he sold a lot of the things that I think might have done well there…..

8. Owen not only lost a tooth yesterday ($2 from the tooth fairy) but got a new Spiderman lunchbox that HOOKS onto his backpack.  Sometimes life is unbearably good.