Man, I woke up tired this morning. I just laid there willing myself to get out of bed.  Then Owen, who was sitting there with me having come to wake me up, vomited from coughing so much.  He obligingly got a towel and cleaned it up himself without my asking (where DID this child come from?) so I told him I was just going to lay in the vomit covered bed a few more minutes.  He cheerfully trotted downstairs but it was too pathetic even for me to stay there so I dragged myself out of bed. I'm glad it's Friday.

I think Ernie and I were both horribly tense yesterday and somehow the letdown of the tension can leave you exhausted.  So anyway, we met with Dr. Sapiente late yesterday.  Ernie doesn't fit any of the protocols for clinical trials so basically it's just back onto Lupron. There's the possibility he will just stay on it or he may rotate on and off it.  If it stops suppressing the cancer then there are other drugs that can be used in conjunction with it.

So that's it.  And now we live with that hanging over our heads.  We'll go back in four months and that PSA better be back down.

Ernie's been singing Lupron Man to the tune of Iron Man so I guess he's handling it as well as can be expected.