1.  It’s the LAST DAY OF JUDI’S  RADIATION!!!!!  Woooooo-Hooooooooo!


2.  My father threw their homecare worker out of the house yesterday. I guess it was bad enough that she just left.  There is no way to reason with him when he’s gone like that. I said to my Mom, "you’re just going to have to make the decision" and she gasped and said, "oh, not yet….you know sometimes he’s fine."  And I do know.  People say to me "oh, he should be in a nursing home" but they don’t see him when he IS still my Dad.  Eh….you know…..

3.  It’s snowing!!!  I know we probably won’t get as much as forecast (they ALWAYS get my hopes up) but it’s still exciting and beautiful…..

One thought on “Very Brief Random Notes today

  1. I love the snow also, but get a lot of grief from the many who do not. It IS so beautiful. Besides it will be 98 degrees before we know it!
    Thanks for your beautiful blog and eloquent descriptions of your wonderful sons.