Well….turns out Hayley is off to Costa Rico but then one of these guys stepped up:


Well, actually the one on the left….and he offered up his family and his home to entertain my guys and make Ernie and me really happy by letting us go hear Todd Snider.  We have wonderful friends…and our wonderful friends have wonderful kids.  Man, life is good sometimes…. The boys were beside themselves with excitement.  Owen even made me iron on a fresh Adam Schmitt picture on a shirt as his old one is getting beat up. When we picked them up the first words out of their mouths as they buckled themselves into the car were "it was awwwwwwesome….."

So Ernie and I hurtled off to the Canopy Club and lo and behold met our dear friend Bob and his friend Marty who even had SEATS for us.  A glass or wine or two, a chance to chat with friends.  I felt like a grownup!! So kudos to whomever booked Todd Snider, kudos to Marty who called Bob who called us to tell us Todd was playing, kudos to Don and Sarah and Will and Chloe but no kudos to the Canopy’s bartenders who told Ernie, upon ordering a 3rd glass of wine for me, they were out of white wine. Ernie just said, "you did it again Cynthia….you drank them out of white wine."  This used to happen regularly to me in Chicago…seemed like whenever we’d go to Phyllis’ Musical Inn I’d get the last glass of wine.  Didn’t matter though as Todd finally started playing.


Todd actually reminded us both of our lead babysitter.  They’re probably about the same age, tall and very cute, with tender hearts despite being total smartasses.  Interesting, huh?  Wish I’d gotten a picture of the group of people that marched in front of the stage during Beer Run with t-shirts labeled in order B, double E, double R, U and N.  I did moan every few songs that I missed Eileen but other than that it was wonderful.  He looked great, his voice sounded strong. Really wonderful.

It did us good.