Catch Her in the Wry tagged me for a meme and it was the perfect thing to do on a lazy Sunday evening. Of course I made Ernie help me because he’s got the perfect mind for this—it’s why he does all his cross word puzzles in ink you know….

1. What is your name: Cynthia
2. A 4 letter word: cake
3. A vehicle: caboose (Leo’s influence of course….a normal person might have said a car)
4. A city: Chicago
5. A boy’s name: Carmine
6. A girl’s name: Carmelita
7. Beverage: chardonnay
8. An occupation: caretaker!
9. Something you wear: clothes
10. A celebrity: Claudette Colbert
11. A food: chardonnay
12. Something found in a bathroom: comb
13. Reason for being late: couldn’t get out of bed
14. Something you shout: CRAP
15: An animal: cat
16. A body part: I’ll keep it clean and go with crook of neck…there’s always the chin but I think the  crook of neck is more appealing…
17. Word(s) to describe yourself: caring….for better or worse…caring

I’ll tag Vegan Linda and Gamera…..