O.K., first tell me why I constantly yearn for sleep and can’t get up in the morning and yet there I am in a big old quiet hotel room by myself and I can’t sleep past 5 a.m.?  Ah well. I hopped in my little van, took a couple of pictures before I left Nashville and headed for South Carolina.  I made pretty good time and got here about 1:30.  I hugged Judi–who looks great by the way—and said, "oh I should call Ernie to let him know I’m here."  She said, "wellllll" and I said "oh fuck, what?"

Evidently last night my father was sitting in the living room and refused to get up and go to bed.  My mother eventually went to bed.  This morning…..still sitting there….still not moving.  Finally my mother called my sainted husband.  Ernie couldn’t budge him either.  They ended up calling the paramedics who took him to the emergency room.  The boys stayed with my mother.  My poor boys must think that everybody in the whole fucking world is sick.  Anyway…turns out he has a urinary tract infection….just like his cat Barney by the way.  Then…get this….he REFUSED to take a pill so they had to give him an IV.  As Judi said, this is the point where Ernie should have broken down and just shot him.

I called Ernie a little while ago and he said they were just getting out of the car.  Hopefully that means he will be free soon. My poor husband.  He rented all the Indiana Jones movies for the boys (Indiana Jones Lego fever at our house) and they were supposed to have a quiet, lazy weekend with movies, lego and beer.  Well for the boys just movies and lego but you get the point.

I’ve only been gone 26 hours….