I had the misfortune to miss the second grade production of Stone Soup this afternoon.  What’s amazing is that Leo did NOT miss it because he’d been insisting for weeks that he simply was NOT attending school the day of the performance. It was similar when he insisted he would not attend kindergarten.  He’s not defiant or angry he simply matter of factly states—with absolute surety—that he is not doing it.  Last night he seemed to weaken and merely insisted that Ernie could not bring the video camera….oh, and he of course said he would not sing.

That’s my boy.  The video’s not great quality but you can see his big old head—-not moving—-in the back row.

God, I love that guy.

4 thoughts on “Leo in Stone Soup

  1. He was fantastic. I enjoyed the way he stared down his Dad the entire time he was standing perfectly still. As if to say, “I told you so.”