I’ve had a horrid cold….woke up today and didn’t even make it into work. Probably not good of me but man it was a terrible, terrible sleepless night.  Of course the whole earthquake thing didn’t help…..  Did some work from home and tried to sleep….aftershock woke me up when the lamp on the night stand started shaking.  I finally got up and took a shower.  I toyed with idea of not heading to South Carolina until tomorrow but then I’d have the whole drive in one day so I sucked it up and got into the van.

I was a little spacy but basically drove safely I think….  Got lost trying to follow directions in Nashville so I finally just got off the highway and headed into downtown because I know my way from there.  I’m staying at a Comfort Inn.  Not a particularly cheap Comfort Inn but it is right on Music Row and location, location, location you know….  I walked into my room and immediately saw a shower bench—just like the one I bought for my mother and she refused to use for numerous months.  I thought WTF….did they think I was bringing them WITH me for Christ’s sake?  I also realized that I hadn’t requested a non-smoking room but I was too frazzled to ask for a different room.  I put the AC on high and got ice for my bottle of cheap wine.  I realized that this must be a handicapped accessible room as the sink is low too….hence the shower bench.  I decided to just take advantage of it and use it for my suitcase…..


I was feeling rotten enough that I thought I might stay in the room if it was nice but I wasn’t overly impressed so I decided to head out to the club I had picked out. Loved the club—3rd and Lindsley.  Found a spot at the bar and got a sandwich and some wine.  I missed Ernie so much that I called him.  I love Nashville.  The place was full of people our age that  you could tell lived and breathed music.  Lots of them had kids with them, from toddlers to teenagers.  Someone next to me said, "oh, I should have gotten Bill Lloyd to come out"…..someone else was talking about a song they had that someone had cut, etc.  It was great.

The band was Pat Buchanan, a top session guitarist in town here.  The bass player was Alison Prestwood who we saw play in Dead Reckoning years ago.  The music was 40-something pop songs…the kind of pop that someone who would play a Badfinger cover would play.  Too tired to write more.  It was pouring rain when I left…I had thought about stopping on lower Broadway but it was too rainy….




Judi tomorrow!