1.  My father was moved into a nursing home last night.  Yesterday was a long day….half day of work, then nursing home, hospital, etc. with my mother.  My father talks a little but mostly just sleeps.

2.  Leo has a new business plan with some friends.  They will have a cupcake/chocolate chip cookie/lemonade business in the park near us.  It will open June 7, 2008.  Owen was hired but left in a ‘you can’t fire me because I quit’ kind of altercation.

3.  Owen says he sees colors when he hears music.  He also wrote a song called Cut Out the Mad

4.  Went out to Artists Against Aids last night with Bob and Ann.  I rambled a lot talking about my father.  They are incredibly kind and loving friends.

5. You know how all I do is complain about taking my father to church?  The thought of not taking him tomorrow breaks my heart.

6.  My mother isn’t doing well.

7.  What would I do without my sweet peas?

8.  Speaking of peas…some of my pole beans and sugar snap peas are up!

9.  The drive to South Carolina last week was really beautiful.  As I hit southern Illinois and Kentucky it was all blooming redbuds contrasting with the bright, bright green of new leaves.  Than as I went through Tennessee it became the black-green of pines against the bright new green leaves.  Then I hit South Carolina and it was an explosion of color—dogwoods everywhere, azaleas glowing and the red dirt below it all.  Amazing.