II LOVE the Long Ryders…..I know the Byrdsian look is not ALWAYS the best….(I think guys like it more than girls)…but I LOVE them anyway.  We saw them a couple of times (and have been going through a big phase again) but the best show was at the inimitable Harpo’s in Detroit.  God, I loved that place….I want to be sitting there right now…an old semi-gutted art deco theatre kinda on the east side of Detroit if I remember correctly.  Sticky floor, huge CARTONS of wine instead of mere cups and bikers that would toss anyone out if they tried to hard too to bother you.  Oh, and guards in the parking lot that had fires in cold weather…it was Detroit in the late 80’s after all.  I LOVED that place…..saw some great bands there…including these guys…..

Oh, here’s another one….the sounds not great but this is more what they were like live. You know when you’re just crying inside because the music is so good?  You know what I mean….