1.  The good thing about not making enough money to support a family of four is that we get a fair amount back in taxes.  Woo-hoooooo.  It might have been more pleasant if I hadn’t waited until last night to sit and do the taxes but hey….

2.  I must commend myself.  I got out of bed at 7:24 this morning, got dressed, did our state taxes because their website was too slow last night and still managed to get to work at 8:05.  Not bad!

3.  I hope to finally get my beans and peas in the ground tonight after work. I think Ernie’s got things ready to go. Then I’m going to drag myself to a PTA meeting that I feel I should go to but must admit I would rather not.

4.  Ernie goes to the oncologist tomorrow to figure out why the hormone shot is making him practically hobble around (o.k., slight exaggeration).

5. I’m driving halfway to South Carolina on Friday and stopping in Nashville.  I picked out a club I want to go to.  Let’s see if I get up the nerve to go by myself.

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