Owen.   Owen.  Owen.

Yesterday morning he bounced up to give me a goodbye kiss and cheerily said, "good thing I wasn’t crabby today."  Yes Owen.  And when he came  home from school he plopped on the couch and said to his father, "I’m a happy guy today."  All good.

This morning…..not so smooth. 

It was yet another morning in which he lays on the floor in a blanket covered heap crying because he doesn’t want to go to school.  It seems that no matter what approach we take we can’t avoid this once or twice a week.  Ernie finally took Leo to school because the thought of being late makes Leo quiver with rage.  While they were gone I tried the firm, calm, non-negotiable approach.  Nothing was working until Owen sat up and said, "I want to wear a tie today."  Of course all the appropriate shirts were dirty but I found one and yes, this is how I sent my baby proudly off to school.  Too long hair with knots in the back I can’t get out, black corduroy pants ("I HATE corduroy" he wept earlier), a blue and green plaid shirt and a blue and orange tie that we borrowed from Becca for Leo’s Halloween costume and haven’t returned yet.  I told him he looked great and he proudly smiled and said, "I know."  Then he said, "and can you get me a tux someday?"


4 thoughts on “This is what my son wore to school this morning

  1. I don’t get this, Cynthia…
    Did Owen really suck in his angst about going to school and decide to dress up in order to deal?
    If so, what a fantastic job you and Ernie are doing!
    Owen, you kick butt… you look fabulous. I bet you took some hearts with you at the end of the day.
    That picture… with Ernie’s smile and his coffee cup at hand… it breaks my heart because there’s so much love and spark right there.
    What good guys you have, Cynthia.

  2. Yup Cathy, that’s exactly what he did—when I don’t want to kill him I do think he’s an amazing guy.
    I love the picture too—for the way Ernie is smiling at him….