I was honored that the boys decided to hold off on the "Daddy’s Back Home Celebration" until I came home from work  last night.  It basically involved talking about a celebration but not doing anything other than run around the field and convincing Daddy to play baseball (Owen), watching Lego videos on youtube (Leo) and running races with Ricky next door in elaborate loops around trees and houses (both of them) while the parents sat around the firepit watching them.  So it was a celebration indeed and later we made the leftover Easter cookies….the ones that you don’t even have to slice anymore and have so much artificial vanilla flavor that I love them….  I find these a bit disconcerting however….when baked they look so much like a Wallace and Gromit character that I think they should be getting royalties or credit or whatever cookies would get you….


at last:


4 thoughts on “Were-Rabbit Cookies and a Daffodil

  1. I see it too. Your yard is ahead of ours. I finished trimming the rose bushes back two weekends ago and we just burned our leaf litter and sticks. We accidentally caught the compost on fire tho and THAT was exciting.

  2. Yes, the daffodils!! It seemed like they would never come, BUT THEY DID. This means anything can happen.